Offers Wearable and Decorative Feather Masks

and Fine Feathery Jewelry

for your wearing pleasure.

Isn’t it time for you to add some Fantastic Fun into Your Life?

Wild Peacock Blues Party by FantaFaces

Visit FantaFaces Etsy Shop to purchase a FantaFaces Mask or other feathery items that are displayed on this web site.

Play out your most fun Fantasy when wearing a FantaFaces Mask.

All FantaFaces masks tend to invite your most fun alter-ego to come out and play during the Halloween Season or at Mardi Gras celebrations.

Wearing a FantaFaces mask offers you the opportunity to be transformed into a exotic bird, colorful butterfly or some other fantasy creature that only you can imagine.

Invite your Wild side to come out and play when you put on a brilliantly colorful feathered mask.

Some FantaFaces masks will entice you to create a “Green Man” character or a Nature Fairy costume.

Green Queen Mask by FantaFaces

Thrift Stores are the perfect places to find a sequined or colorful clothing items to fly away in when donning a colorful feathered mask.

Some of the natural feather masks invoke a feeling of wildness.

Try on the Tiger or Calico Cat Masks to invoke the feeling of being a powerful Tiger or or a playful kitty cat.

Winged Tiger Mask by FantaFaces

Allow your imagination to take you to interesting places as you move around wearing a FantaFaces mask.

This dark green iridescent feather mask often evokes a feeling of devilish fun or a character with a dark side.

Natural Feather Irridescent Winged FantaFaces Mask

Perhaps you will be inspired to become a Wizard, Sorceress or Super Hero who needs to hide his/her identity. Many masks bring out the wizard or witch aspect usually hidden inside the person wearing it.

Watch how you move differently in a mirror when wearing a FantaFaces mask to discover the new character you might want to become for an upcoming masquerade party or ball.

Visit FantaFaces Etsy Shop click on the Mask button to see a variety of styles that FantaFaces offers.

Feel free to message me if you don’t find exactly what you need there, or want to host a party where you offer your guests a FantaFace mask to wear all night long.

 Wild for Ivy FantaFaces Masks for Millibo Art Theatre

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